What kind of nation is America? Chris Hedges

We’ve looked at Chris Hedges before in our video post about the Vice video, America’s Second Revolution. Here’s a great quote for the American political and social journalist.

“What kind of nation is it that spends far more to kill enemy combatants and Afghan and Iraqi civilians than it does to help its own citizens who live below the poverty line? What kind of nation is it that permits corporations to hold sick children hostage while their parents frantically bankrupt themselves to save their sons and daughters? What kind of nation is it that tosses its mentally ill onto urban heating grates? What kind of nation is it that abandons its unemployed while it loots its treasury on behalf of speculators? What kind of nation is it that ignores due process to torture and assassinate its own citizens? What kind of nation is it that refuses to halt the destruction of the ecosystem by the fossil fuel industry, dooming our children and our children’s children?”

Do you agree with statement about America? Do you think that other countries around the world are any better? How can we collectively improve the world together? Please comment and share your opinion so we can improve the world for the future.

Chris Hedges view of America
Do you agree with Chris Hedges view of America?

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