Uruguay legalises Marijuana

Uruguay has become the first country in the world to legalise Marijuana for growth, sale, and consumption. The law is not expected to come into place into next April. Campaigners hope that this law will reduce drug cartel activity in the area, as Uruguay is used to smuggle drugs to other places by neighbouring areas. Critics have argued that Uruguay shouldn’t experiment on the people, and that it will expose more people to drugs.

I’ve got to congratulate Uruguay for making this brave decision, and ultimately i believe will be the right one. Of course the worry is the right wing media will pick up on any problems and blow them out of all proportion. Prohibition in the states didn’t work, and violence spread throughout the country due to alcohol and its consumption being placed in the hands of criminals. Now due to a demand for drugs across the world, violence has spread across the globe too. In the places where drugs are produced, trafficked, and sold, which includes most places on the planet.

Drug misuse is a problem in todays society, and can devastate some individuals and families, although the majority of people can use wihtout it impacting their daily lives. Should drugs or in this case Marijuana be legal, drug Misuse is unlikely to increase as much as anti-legaisation critics think. The majority of people who choose not to do drugs now do it for health reasons, not because it is illegal. If drugs are legalised we need to take the opportunity to increase caring for those who have problems with drugs. Now people with drug problems have very few places they can turn to, and recovery can be hard. In a more open society these people with drug misuse issues can get the help they need. A lot of this also stems from a lack of caring the capitalist culture has brought too. People need to care more about other people and try and understand why people are why they are. Put the power back into the people, rather than with the cartels, drug dealer, and governments.

In Uruguay opposition member Alfredo Solari says Uruguay shouldn’t use this project as a social engineering experiment, as substances like Marijuana cause damage to human beings. Alcohol causes damage to human beings, so does smoking, junk food, computer games, war, cartels, drug dealers, and most likely breathing too.

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