The Sun never sets on the British Empire, it might do soon!

The British Empire started in the late 16th century, with British trade posts around the world. By 1922 it included one fifth of the worlds population. But next year could see an historic vote take place in Scotland. In 2014 Scotland will vote on whether or not to become independent. It isn’t so much the result of this that is most interesting, but the knock on effect around the world should Scotland choose to become independent. Will the Northern Ireland debate again be brought into question? Would other commonwealth countries still want to recognise the Queen of England as there head on state? Even if now its more a name than a figure of power. Also with the British Empire being one of the most power empires in recent history, would this lead to more independent movements around the world? Catalonia in Spain is already looking for independence, in China there are issues with Tibet and Xinjiang. Pretty much every place in the world, has area’s in which some people are looking for independence.

There are a number of reasons people would want independence from something, and people have different reasons, so solving the issue of what is best for a place or the people within a place is not easy. Reasons for independence could include, cultural differences, religious differences, language, a desire to govern themselves, oppression from a state, and economy. The same goes for how codependents or countries are formed.

Here’s an interesting video about how the Kingdom of Scotland joined with Great Britain.

Basic Overview: Scotland had just lost a lot of money, England provided them with economic benefits. Scotland joined Great Britain. It would be interesting to see the details of this merger. Who had the final say, i’m guessing the rich and powerful within Scotland rather than the average person.

When it comes to independence what is more important, wanting to be separate from a state you simply just don’t like or agree with, or the economic benefits that come with it. This question is one each person must answer for themselves. Do you or don’t you “sell out”?

2014 and is going to a be big year for the British Empire, and should Scotland vote for independence expect the issue of independence to discuss around the world.

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