Reducing the rich/poor gap worldwide! Can Chile do it?

Chile has elected former President Michelle Bachelet in for a second term as President.  Ms Bachelet leads a group of her Socialist Party, Christian Democrats, and Communists, and she wants to reduce the rich poor gap in Chile, and offer free university education.

The rich poor gap is something which needs addressing around the world. If you go to most countries there are startling gaps between how the rich and poor live. From China to America to Europe its an issue which needs balancing. But how to solve this issue? Does it always require investment to do so. Does it require you to tax the rich or big business more? If you raise taxes too much on the rich or big business they may leave that country. Maybe there is another way, by changing social attitudes

Perhaps addressing the greed within ourselves is one way to solve this. Instead of giving respect to people for their monetary gains, maybe we should be giving respect for people with social responsibility and a caring attitude. There are also dangers that some people will take advantage of free hand out systems. Only with people working together with mutual benefit will the rich/poor gap ever be truly reduced.

If we reward companies who have a more even pay scale and look after its workers more, rather than to the companies who make the biggest profits. We should boycott big corporations who don’t follow this approach. Its not always down to governments to solve these issues, society has to step up too.

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