Non violent civil resistance – Or punch them in the face?

Ever been really angry about something and wanted to change it? Well violence may not always be the best option. In the video below Erica Chenoweth discusses the success of non violent civil resistance, as oppose to violent protest.

So while it may be tempted to run up as punch many of the ceo’s and people in power square in the face, it may not help your cause. You’d be spending a lengthy about of time in jail, and maybe receive some bad press. Sure people supporting your view would get a good laugh at Mr Fat Cat CEO on the floor, but Mr Fat Cat’s own supported would strengthen their cause against you. Making it harder in the long run for you to get the change you desire.

So what could we do to create change through non-violent civil resistance? Maybe boycott a product or store, organise a protest outside somewhere.

And how about those grey areas, not violent per se, they surely can’t be classed as squeaky clean. How about hacking into a Mr Fat Cat ceo’s email, and finding some compromising pictures of him and a dirty toy of his choice. Or throwing an egg and Mr President if you disagree with his policy.

Any other ideas for non violent civil resistance and do you have any plans for non violent civil resistance, let us know and will help promote your idea. Lets improve the world and make changes for a better world in the future.


1 comment for “Non violent civil resistance – Or punch them in the face?

  1. Sarah Norfolk
    January 14, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    I think non violence is generally the best way, but i remember in the UK when a man once threw an egg at politician John Prescott. Can’t remember what he was protesting and if it succeeded though.

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