Is spreading news about world peace, injustice, improving the world and environment the new spam?

This morning was not a happy morning for AWFTF. We had our Twitter account suspended for aggressive following and also we were reported by some users for spam. This is a site dedicated to improving the world through promoting peace, decreasing corporate and personalise greed, …………….. So to be called spam makes us slighty irritated to put it lightly. How can we be called spam???? Spam is emails from companies sending you offers for the lastest penis enlarger, or the lastest special offer on some not so special product which does nothing for your life. But a site which is trying to make things better for everyone on the planet, spam??????

We want to help people in war zones, help people who have had injustices against them. Even help Mr Fat Cat CEO have a more meaning life through helping others and enjoying the little things, rather than spitting at the poor from his Ferrari. As much fun has it sounds, its not the same as true contentment and satisfaction from doing something meaning and worthwhile to make the world and human life better off. Spam???????

So basically what we are trying to say, in the politest way, is if you really think we are spam, you are a horrible horrible person, who really should have a long hard long inside yourself. Otherwise we may line you up on a street, cycle past you on our eco bicycles and spit at you with a big happy content satisfied smile on our face. :)

Spam?????????? Insert your swear words of choice here!!!!!

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