Is revolution coming around the world?

Vice magazine released this video earlier in the year, titled America’s 2nd Revolution. It looks at a number of growing people in America who are unhappy with the current political situation and also gets insights from Chris Hedges,¬†an American journalist¬†specializing in American¬†politics and society.

Hedges stated, that corporatism is as close to unmitigated evil as you can get, and that they increase profits without regard for human cost. Thats they destroy the working classes, and destroy the eco-system that we live in. While a growing number of militias in America are getting closer to violence, he doesn’t see violence as an answer. In his words, “The machine (governments) wants violence, violence justifies repression”.

The growing rich/poor gap around the world is leaving the poor increasing disillusioned, no more is this case more prevalent than in America. Will this problem continue to grow? A problem for the western world is that over the past 50 or years, up until 2008 , growth and live standards have been high. But with the world catching up, and world population at over 7 billion, this aren’t going to be as easy as before. Wanting to hold onto this level of wealth is bound to cause problems.


1. Will corporations around the world continue to try and increase profits over human costs?

2. Would you ever boycott a big company because you don’t like the way they operate?

3. Can you ever condone violence as a way to create change?

4. Could you cope with less material wealth? How would you do this?

1 comment for “Is revolution coming around the world?

  1. Dave
    December 19, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    1. Unless people start to change there attitudes towards corporations then not much will change. Maybe the only way to hurt corporations is stop buying from them. Only then might they change.
    2. I don’t buy many new clothes, and try not to buy things i don’t need. I should start doing that, more but i guess convenience will get you in the end. I’ll try not to be as lazy and support local economies and smaller businesses. I don’t buy many new clothes.
    3. Like what Chris Hedges says above, violence doesn’t really work. It leads to more violence, or repression from above. Surely in this day and age we can solve problems without a need for violence. I means we need to be more proactive, and learn more about whats going on, being more active in politics, and maybe going to more non violent protests for things we believe in.
    4. Yeh i think i could, although it would be hard. It would be easier if everyone did it together. If your the only one in 10 year old s****y clothes, its not going to be. Maybe by helping out other people, that generally makes you feel better. More social events, and more time with friends could help too.

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