How can we stop injustice in the world today?

Have you ever asked yourself, How can i stop injustice in the world today? Why are there so many problems in the world? How can we all let this happen? Well your not alone, there are millions most likely billions of others out there asking the same questions. But before we attempt to answer this monumental question, lets start by looking at the injustices happening in the world today. Be warned its a fairly long list, and we’ve probably missed a few.

- There are more children, women, and men in slavery than ever before.
- Human trafficking gangs earn in excess of 32 billion dollars a year.
- Over 2 million children are still part of the worldwide sex industry.
- AIDS continues to spread around the world, devastating communities.
- Corporate and personal greed continues to drive the rich poor gap higher and higher.
- Racism and racial profiling.
- Sexism and many other forms of discrimination.
- The use of force against unarmed protesters.
- Women around the world being treated as the property of their male relatives or husbands.
- People around the world turning a blind eye to the problems all around them.
- Governments around the world caring more about getting elected rather than doing whats best for the people.
- Due to a lack of justice systems some poor people are unable to protect themselves against rich families.
- People sacrificing others for own personal gain.
- Children forced into military organisations.

Doesn’t make you feel too good about the world when you read all that and realise in some way we are all responsible. But lets stay positive on this and come up with some ways to solve or at least improve these problems. Here’s some things you can do.

- Share these issues, let other people know. People already know about them, but its always good to reinforce ideas.
- Discuss them with friends and family. You’ll be surprised who also cares about these issues.
- Join local protest groups or start your own.
- Pressure governments for change
- Sign petitions online
- Search the web for people with similar ideas.
- Stand up against people who perpetuate these injustices.
- Don’t give in to the corporate world or greed.
- Don’t be seduced by shiny things.

Here at a AWFTF we don’t know everything, we are trying to figure it out. Please if you have any more ideas or ways to help write a comment below and we’ll add the good ones to the list. If we all work together we can improve the world and make it a better place to live in the future.

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