Don’t Act Just Think.

Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek gives his thoughts on capitalism and the what to do to improve the world. He suggests its time to think, as at the moment there aren’t any viable alternatives to capitalism and activism for the sake of it isn’t really the answer. He says its time to think, as in the past we have tried to change the world too quickly.

He does acknowledge that there are people suffering around the world, and that we should do things to improve the situation, but to be careful what we do. He gives the example of health care in America. Saying public health care is something which has been successful in Europe and Canada and can be implemented in America. By aiming for changes like this we can improve the world bit by bit.

Can you think of other changes we could make which would help the world? Maybe something one country is doing which would be effective around the world. Legalised marijuana in some American states to reduce crime? Fair trade policies to help people in poverty?

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