Be the change you want to see!

A nice video with some great messages from Kat Edmonson titled “Be the Change”. You might have heard this phrase before, “be the change”, but not many people actually do it. Be the change that you want to see. If you see something which needs changing, or a certain human trait, you need to change it yourself. Its no good complaining about corporate greed, if you continue to buy products from those corporations. Its not good complaining that nobody looks after the environment if you do nothing for it yourself.

Its not easy to do though, as an individual you often feel powerless and like the things you are doing don’t make a difference. But if we join together, we can make a difference. We can all be the change we want to see and improve the world, for today and also for the future.

Some of the best ideas in this video are sometimes the simplest but with the pace of modern life its sometimes hard to remember to do them. Some of them are not so simple, although if the world worked together Here’s a few of the best ones in no particular order.

End Corporate influence – Power back to the people
Eliminate poverty – There’s always been poverty, stop corporate infuence, stop personal greed, and more personal responsibilty for some.
Be honest – The truth will set you free
Promote personal responsibility – Its not always the worlds fault why you are how you are
Learn from our mistakes – Else you’ll just keep making them
Talk to our enemies – You both might learn something
End oil dependence – For a sustainable future
Make friends with the world – Its always good to have more friends
Educate everyone – So we can better manage the world we live in
Try Peace – Just for a day or 2, if we don’t like it fine, we can carry on with the needless death.
Inspire the youth – Instead of turning them into little zombies
Keep an open mind – You are never right all the time
Stop politics of the past – Just watch the UK parliament in session. Absolute joke! They are in charge of peoples lives, show some respect.

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